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aragraf asked 48 years ago

I have installed your theme and after installation, the template needs to be updated. See screesnhot, please. 
So, after the update, it is installed WordPress free template called again TechMag which is the Child theme of First Mag.
And what does this means? You took free WordPress template and are selling to us? I want to give your template back and get my my money.
If no I will complain to themforest support.

2 Answers
Trending Templates Support answered 1 year ago

In WordPress, there is a Free theme which has the same name as our theme. That makes you confused. So when that theme has a new version, it will be notified to you. Now, please install the theme again in the package of the theme.

Support Staff answered 12 months ago

We have fixed the issue you can upload the newer version.

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