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richo asked 48 years ago

I would want to include some tabs for the Courses description at the woocommerce of the learnplus theme
I tried diferent plugins but they don´t work properly, usually they don´t show the tabs, i think  because a conflict with the theme config.
How could i include some new tabs like the attached picture, keeping the “feedbacks button” as it is actually, or include more tabs like “feedbacks button” Style 
I attach an example of the tabs i would want to include:

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Trending Templates Support answered 11 months ago

OK. Can you please send us your account admin, website? We will help you check it.

Trending Templates Support answered 11 months ago

Do you want to apply custom CSS to tabs now?

richo answered 10 months ago

I installed a new accordion tab plugin.
There is an conflict with the theme.
Is it possible to fit it with th theme?

Support Staff answered 10 months ago

add this code to below files :
code :
.woocommerce div.product .woocommerce-tabs ul.tabs li
margin: 5px;
file : /wp-content/themes/learnplus/style.css

richo answered 10 months ago

Hello again
After some answers witouth any result, my question is: is there some solution to have custom tabs, and to they to look normally without dupplicated tabs?
I need it please.

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