radar013 asked 48 years ago

When I open a page (index.php), everything is fine, but when I open single post (single.php), the menu is still focused, but it shouldn’t be.
I think that there is something in single.php file. Please tell me, how can I fix this?

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radar013 answered 10 months ago

Support Staff answered 10 months ago

Have you purchased theme may i know purchase code ??

Trending Templates Support answered 10 months ago

You can use the custom CSS below to fix it:
.custom-color-scheme .nav .menu > li > a:hover, .custom-color-scheme .nav .menu > .current-menu-parent > a, .custom-color-scheme .nav .menu > .current_page_parent > a, .custom-color-scheme .nav .menu > .current-menu-item > a, .custom-color-scheme .nav .menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a {color#fff;}

Support Staff answered 10 months ago

Kindly clear your browser cache, it already focused on link you have said

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