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SDYellowfin asked 47 years ago

Hi, I have placed the login / logout widget in the top bar but we need a custom URL to bypass SSO for our general users, where is this located so that I can add the SSO pass through addition to the URL?
Thank you!

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Trending Templates Support answered 10 months ago

Sorry, we don’t understand. What do you mean?

SDYellowfin answered 10 months ago

I used the shortcode for the login / logout in the top bar on our site, it defaults to the standard wp-login.php page but we have a custom page that goes around our single sign on, I need to change the URL from going to the standard login to our specific login page. 
I hope ole that makes more sense, please let me know if I’m still not making sense.
thank you!

Trending Templates Support answered 10 months ago

Are you saying this?
You can go to Appearance > Widgets > Topbar Right and change the URL of Login widget.

SDYellowfin answered 9 months ago

Hi, thank you so much for the images and instructions but that does not work unfortunately.
Once I am logged in, when I click account it takes me to the correct page but when I am not logged in it still defaults to the standard wordpress wp-login.php file.

Because it is not an account on our SSO system the standard wp-login.php returns an error.

I need to change the file that button calls to, once logged in I can route the user to their profile page there but it doesn’t help me when the user arrives on the site.
Any thoughts on how I can change where that button points to?
Thank you for all of your help.

Trending Templates Support answered 9 months ago

OK. So, please send us your account admin, website. We will help you check it.

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